Saturday, June 23, 2012

Regarding S P A M, et al

Today, my inbox received several messages marked Mail Delivery Failed. These are emails I'd allegedly sent, but that bounced when they reached the sender. The sender's addresses claimed to be originating from the domain.

I PROMISE you, I did not send these. They are SPAM.

I'm the only one authorized to administer this site. There are no other authors or admins. How they are able to use my domain to mask the true origin is beyond me.

But if you arrived here because someone claiming this as their address sent you an ad for v1@grA or some such nonsense, allow me to apologize sincerely. It was not me, and I'm looking into ways to prevent this from continuing or happening again.

This blog, albeit oft ignored, is STILL devoted to the exploration of all things mystical, magical, and metaphysical. Peace out.

And if you're a spammer/scammer, THINK TWICE before using my domain—what you send out... returns to you tenfold. Including spam.

Also, if you sent a manifestation request via Unifestation, and no one responded, MY SINCERE APOLOGIES. My blog email is supposed to forward to my main email address. For some reason, it stopped doing that, and as a result, I missed out on four years' worth of intention requests. So I do apologize sincerely.

Computers. They're supposed to make life easier...