Friday, May 28, 2010

Minding the Gap

As everyone who has studied the Law of Attraction knows, there are certain steps required in the manifestation process:
  • figuring out what you want
  • figuring out what you don't want
  • clearing limiting beliefs
  • paying attention to the language we use when setting the intentions because the Universe does not interpret meaning and cannot process negatives (as in "I don't want to do this anymore"
  • acting on the nudges the Universe provides us once we've set our intentions
  • learning to let go of the "how"
There is one step I've yet to see explored in any LOA materials, that I have determined is a critical part of successful manifestations.

I'm calling it Minding the Gap—the time between setting the intention/taking action steps and seeing the resulting manifestation.

This is a dangerous time in anyone's journey. Intentions are like missiles—we fire them off without knowing it, and they are already in progress. Then we set a conscious intention without being aware of the previously-set unconscious intentions we'd made before we knew better.

What happens is this. Let's say I am in the midst of awaiting the arrival of my consciously manifested result, and a completely different event occurs. My initial reaction?

Whoops! I tend to feel thrown off-course, and this is when I run the biggest risk of messing up. I think "Oh no, I made a mistake" or "Uh-oh, it doesn't look like it's going to work out after all!". This causes me to focus on the wrong outcome! I focus on the Oh No part.

What we focus on, expands, so the manifestation result shifts. Instead of focusing on the outcome I prefer, I allow my focus to shift to the outcome I didn't want and wasn't aware I'd called for. Then I get that outcome, and think the LOA doesn't work.

Ah, but it DID. :-) I just wasn't expecting that outcome because I wasn't aware I was setting the intention to manifest it.

The trick is, when an unexpected event occurs or something happens that seems to be the opposite of the preferred outcome, take it as a sign that your preferred outcome is on its way.

Why? Because manifestations, like intention-setting, happen in sequence. I'd unconsciously set an intention, and it manifested; since I'd set a conscious intention in between, this means my conscious manifestation is next in line!

No matter what happens, stay focused ONLY on your preferred outcome, knowing that anything random or unexpected that occurs between intention-setting and manifestation is just fallout from previous subconscious intentions, and the LOA WILL WORK for you. Every time.