Monday, June 8, 2009

No More Pursuit

I am no longer pursuing my dreams.

Before you all freak out on me... Let me explain.

Something rose up in my attention today about the word “pursuit”. I actually wrote about 17 pages in my journal exploring it. But here’s what I’d invite you to do: get a dictionary. Look up these words, and note the definitions. I got mine from Word’s Encarta Dictionary.

  • Pursuit
  • Dream
  • Generate (Create, Attain, Achieve, Accomplish, Nurture, Reach, Prosper, Succeed)
  • Intention
  • Purpose

I researched these and a few others and I realized a few things.

One definition of Pursuit is: to make the effort to try to achieve something.

OK. Read that slowly. To make the EFFORT to try... to achieve something.

You mean, “to try to try”? Wow. What is wrong with THAT statement?

It’s bad enough when someone says, “I’m trying to do this...” but to say “I’m trying to TRY to do this” is so lame I can’t even think about it. There is no try, only do. At least if you’re trying, you have a better shot than if you’re pursuing (and only trying to TRY).

Dream is defined as something you hope, long or yearn for, but are unlikely to realize.

Hope, as you know, is akin to Wish and Want, which are words that really mean “I lack”.

So to pursue your dreams means...

I’m trying to try to attain this thing that I lack and probably have no chance of ever attaining.

Also, to pursue means to chase. You can chase something and never ever catch it. If you’re focused on the pursuit of something, you’re always behind it, always reaching for it, never quite connecting, never quite catching it. The thing remains elusive.

So now you have an elusive, hard-to-catch thing that you’re lacking in, and you’re TRYING to try to acquire it.

Talk about doomed!

After much research, I’ve decided I am no longer pursuing my dreams.

Instead, I am generating and nurturing my purpose and intention (of having a successful ________).

To generate or create means to bring something into existence.

To nurture means to provide tender care and protection; to encourage it to grow, develop, thrive, and succeed.

Purpose is defined as the reason for the existence of a thing; a goal or intention that one determines to accomplish conclusively.

Intention is defined similarly.

From now on, when someone asks me what I’ve been doing lately, I’ll tell them:

I’m generating and nurturing my purpose and intention. I’m bringing into existence my purpose and intention to be a ______, and I’m providing it tender care and protection, and encouraging it to grow, develop, thrive and ultimately succeed at every phase along the way.

Doesn’t that sound and feel more determined?