Friday, July 17, 2009

Do You Know Why Your Outcome Derailed?

I'd like to take an informal poll. Please post your answers in the comments.
  1. How long have you been studying the Law of Attraction?
  2. Do you understand the concepts of clearing limiting beliefs?
  3. Have you done the work of clearing your limiting beliefs through EFT, Ho'oponopono or other methods?
  4. Do you feel completely clear before you set your intention?
  5. Have you had any success manifesting small, unimportant things?
  6. How about bigger, more important things?
  7. Have you noticed a difference between the ease of manifesting smaller, less important things versus manifesting bigger, more important things?
  8. Do you seem to have more difficulty manifesting the bigger, more important things, despite having a strong intention, all the right affirmations and language, and being completely clear?
  9. Do you have any idea why the bigger, more important outcomes are more challenging?
  10. Do you have issues with doubts and fears that arise between the time after you set the intention and before the outcome manifests?
If you answered YES to numbers 8 and 10, and NO to number 9, stay tuned.

I have the answer for you, and this is the only place you will find it presented in this much detail.

This information will be available in two formats:
  • I'll be posting my first hour-long Podcast for download very soon
  • I'm finishing up my first eBook, Navigating the Gap. This will contain the transcript of the Podcast, but will be an expanded version of the topic being discussed
If you would like to be alerted via email when the podcast and eBook become available, send an email with the subject line "Podcast" to Thank you for listening, and Manifest Great Things™!