Saturday, July 25, 2015

Testing see if this blog was hacked. One of my other blogs was hacked and redirected to some stupid domain name for sale page. I found the hacker's nasty little bit of hijacking code in my blog template, cleared it out and reclaimed my blog.

All the others are fine so far.

Anyway, I'm alive. Busy. Manifested a full-time job with benefits, manifested the ability to go back to school.

Now, I'm trying to manifest a way out of all this, because the college of my employ no longer offers the specific programs of study which interest me, and the job I was hired into changed considerably within the first four months, and it's no longer the right fit.

Lesson here? Be careful what you wish for. When you do finally get it despite all resistance from the Universe telling you "no" and you continually insist that it's what you want, it might turn out later to not be what you wanted at all, and if you'd just listened to the wisdom of the Universe instead of insisting you knew best, you might not have had to waste precious time doing the wrong thing.

So that's that.