Monday, November 17, 2008

Want, or Allow?

There is an excellent post over at Attraction Mind Map about Intentions. The process of setting a good intention is outlined well, with entertaining anecdotes to illustrate concepts.

On rare occasions, I find a gem within the comments, and this was no exception. Christopher, who did not link to a URL, pointed out the importance of using the right words:

For myself, I prefer to use the terms “I allow” rather than “I want”, as “I want” typically implies “I lack”. For example, “I want more money” implies “I don’t have enough money”. The focus is on lack. Instead, I might ask myself: could I let go of “wanting” [this or that] and just allow myself to have it?

I have been aware for some time now that words like "want", "need", "desire" and "wish for" imply lack. While "I am/have/do" is the most powerful affirmation there is, anyone who has been playing with this for awhile knows that sometimes the brain/Ego refuses to agree and puts up resistance ("No, you're not" or "Yeah, but").

In those instances, I'd use "I prefer" instead, which seemed to cause the Ego to relent.

However, I think I like Christopher's suggestion better: "I allow". Here's why.

When I say "I prefer" something, it's indicating I'd rather have it my way. But it's almost like I'm asking for permission to receive it—like the Universe asks me "Which would you like?" and I say "I prefer this..." and the Universe says, "That's nice, but you're getting that instead."

"I allow", on the other hand, reverses the roles. In order for me to allow something, I must have some control over its allowance. It's more like the Universe is asking me which one to provide, and I say, "I allow this, thank you". No questions asked.

I'll switch to this for now and let you know how it goes. Thanks, Christopher, for the suggestion, and thank you to Attraction Mind Map for leading me there.

PS: We sold Lot #3 in October. All that remains is to sell the house in the estate and my own personal house, and we can finally close the estate and I can move on.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Post-Election Thoughts

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that while I respect, admire and am inspired by Barack Obama, I do not in any way worship him or idolize him or put him above God and Jesus. If it comes off as such, it is simply because I am utterly amazed that for the first time in 2000-some years, one man has come along who has been able to do the impossible—shift the attitude of an entire world. He's not the Second Coming, as far as I know—but should we be surprised that he is being idolized by some? Jesus himself said "Far greater works than mine shall you do". I'd like to think Jesus would be pleased by this, not offended. That said, let's go.

Despite the overall excitement being felt worldwide about our recent Presidential election, there remains a surprising amount of vitriol from the dissenters. I find it appalling that the "losing" side can be so vehemently opposed to the choice that was made, and feel that they are merely reacting without thinking; focusing on issues and the "sky-is-falling" supposedly horrendous and painful changes that Obama's administration may foist upon them.

IMHO, they are missing the point.

It isn't about who is in the White House, or what color s/he may be. It isn't even about the policies they bring in with them.

Yes, Barack Obama has a laundry list of policies and changes he's proposed. But they are proposals only at this stage. Nothing is set in stone yet. Until it is, it can always be changed if it is discovered that it isn't working as is. Meaning, let's not freak out about high taxes when high taxes haven't been approved yet.

Obama still has to get past the House of Representatives, the Senate, and whomever else is in the chain of decision-making. These are just the philosophies and ideas that Obama presented to introduce who he is and what he stands for, so that we would be able to decide in which direction we might want to go as a nation.

The most important point, the one we all seem to be overlooking, isn't what he's proposing or who he is—it is the profound attitude shift that HE inspired in not just the American public, but throughout the entire world—AND that he inspired it to occur collectively in our minds at exactly the same moment!

Never mind his policy!

Those of us who are familiar with the Law of Attraction understand how profound it is that this has occurred.

Practitioners of the LOA such as myself, as well as many charismatic preachers and prayer groups around the world, are fully aware that circumstances are an illusion and that we as individuals are 100% responsible for attracting to us the circumstances we are experiencing. The situations are what they are—it is our reaction to them that decides whether they are "good" or "bad".

We are also fully aware that change WILL occur regardless of and in spite of what we do or don't do about it. Good AND bad.

In addition, we understand that the type of change that manifests is wholly dependent upon three things:
  • our attitude about it
  • our thoughts about it
  • the energy we put into it as we think it
When a person is trying to manifest a positive change, it does her no good to dwell on what appear to be unpleasant circumstances; to wallow in negative thinking; to speak it into being; or to get upset about it. To make the change, she must change her thoughts first, then her attitude. Then when she envisions her changed world, she must do so with an uplifted, positive energy.

She has to think and shout, "Yes I Can!"

It works. It's been proven through time immemorial. It even says it works in the Bible. "As a man thinketh, so shall he be." When you "think" happy, you'll be happy, even if circumstances appear to be otherwise. Because you're emitting "happy", you'll attract back more "happy", and eventually the circumstances will have no choice BUT to change and comply with your vibration.

What you focus on, expands.

What you put out, you receive back or attract.

If you focus on negative situations and put out negative energy, you get back more of the same.

If you focus on positive situations and put out positive energy, you get back more of the same.

This is why things can go from good to bad or bad to worse, or bad to not so bad to good to great.

It's all about the 'Tude.

It's all about having a "Yes I Can" energy about you.

Because we LOAers understand this, we accept 100% responsibility for what we experience in our own lives... and must, as a world, accept 100% collective responsibility for what we, as a world, experience. Yes, WE created the high gas prices. WE created the economic crisis. Not by our physical actions so much, but by our thoughts.

I avoid complaining whenever possible, because when I complain, I must first think the thought, then I must speak it, then I add in the emotions surrounding it (attitude/energy). Then, if I'm whining to a friend, they add their emotions, energies and thoughts into the mix. Whammo. Instant manifestation. You shouldn't be surprised when, shortly after pitching a bitch about whatever is bothering you, another similar experience comes around again. Why me? Why does this always happen to me?

I'll tell you why and yes, it's redundant but bears repeating. What you focus on, expands. What you put out, you receive back or attract. It's all about the Tude. It's all about having a "Yes I Can" energy about you.

If you want to complain, complain about the annoying amount of blessings you've been receiving. Focus on POSITIVE changes.

Why am I saying this? Think about it! If ONE PERSON can make dramatic changes in their life simply by shifting their energies, thoughts and attitudes to a "Yes I Can" frame of mind...

...what do you suppose a group of 10 people, such as a Prayer Chain, can do with the same energies, thoughts and attitude going out at the same time?

...what do you suppose a group of 100 people, or 1,000, or 10,000, can do with the same energies, thoughts and attitude going out at the same time?

...what do you suppose can happen when 52.4% of a nation the size of America—that is more than half of us, people—can do, if the energies, thoughts and attitude of each one of those 63.7 million people are attuned to the VERY SAME VISION of relief, happiness, better jobs, improved economy, and positive change?

What if they're all attuned to that thought AT THE VERY SAME MOMENT?

Now add in the majority of the WORLD who was watching this election. Add THEIR energies of positivity, peace on earth, change for the better.

Obama has done what nobody has yet been able to do. He has managed to COLLECTIVELY inspire nearly the entire world with visions of better days, to infuse us with hope, and to raise our collective vibration to a higher level. (Sure, a large percent of ya feel otherwise, but, friends, majority rules. Those who choose to remain wallowing in negativity and who'd rather complain than do anything about it? That's fine. But know that 52.4% trumps 46.3%, so... looks like you'd all just better get ready for positive change!)

Before the election took place, we were in a collective funk. We were bemoaning the state of our economy, predicting dire future events, panicking about our 401Ks. We were criticizing the current administration and wallowing in a stagnant sea of negative energy.

Then we made our choice, and everything shifted.

This entire world has had a positive energy hyper infusion! At the moment Obama's election was announced on Tuesday night, the vast majority—MAJORITY—of the world rejoiced! There was dancing in the streets, fireworks were being shot off, people were crying happy tears, they were dancing and singing and holding in their minds visions of the wonderful future ahead of us and they were doing so with an enormous amount of positive energy. They were stomping and shouting joyfully,


If one can manifest positive change in their own little life by doing this, what can a world majority do?

Hold onto your hats, people, because I'm happy to say, we are about to find out. :-D

Monday, November 3, 2008

What Happens When You Give Away Money?

That's what David, aka the "Bald Guy in a Blue House", intends to find out.

Bald Guy In A Blue House has created the world's first-ever free lottery, based on the Law of Attraction. It's called the Lawterry of Attraction Contest.

After viewing the Secret and learning to use the LOA, Bald Guy has been inspired to try an LOA experiment to see what happens when "a bald guy in a blue house gives away money".

Bald Guy (David) intends to give away a million dollars, $50 at a time, once per week.

No strings attached.

He'll be doing this for five years or until a million has been given away, whichever comes first. It is based on the principle that all abundance comes through us, rather than to or because of us.

The contest is open to anyone in the world. Doesn't matter if you're in Kenya or Antarctica, if you have computer access and an email address and a first name, you are eligible.

To enter, visit

or just click on this link to go straight to the contest. Be sure to visit his blog as well,

One caveat: when entering, if you have an email address such as, you may get an error message telling you your email is invalid. I was able to sign up using a Yahoo address. GMail will also work.