Sunday, August 29, 2010

Joe Vitale Discusses the Need Zone

I like to read the blogs of other LOA masters. One in particular is Joe Vitale ("The Attractor Factor", "Zero Limits", appeared in "The Secret"), aka Mr. Fire. Today, he discussed the concept of The Need Zone, something I hadn't yet heard about.

It threw me for a loop. It had my mind grappling to understand the concept, just as Joe said had happened to him when he first heard about it. The idea that one would attract what they need by upping your need for it? Please. I agree with Joe—that's not what one wants to hear when they are already in dire financial straits. As the song says, "I'm already there!"

Besides, isn't needing something counter-intuitive to getting it? Need equals desperation. Need equals lack, and focusing on need/lack only attracts more need/lack. Right?

According to Joe's post, which I encourage you to pop over and read lest I become redundant here, it's possible to attract the resources needed when you stretch yourself into the need.

I thought about it. Then I remembered a time when I first had my horse, and despite a beautiful beginning, within a few months we'd had a major parting of ways on a trail ride and it became very apparent that I hadn't a clue how to read or communicate with my horse. I had no idea how to predict what he may or may not do, never mind what to do about it, and that created fear.

I needed someone to teach me how to understand horses, fully and completely, and I needed it NOW. It seemed impossible. Nobody at my barn seemed all that savvy; I didn't know any horsemen other than Dad and he was beyond the age where he could show me. I was on my own and lost.

Then I found a training program that said it would teach me exactly what I needed to know. I bought it... and it worked. Far better than skeptical me had anticipated.

There were more memories of similar incidents where needs were met once I determined I needed them. But I still didn't quite get it.

Then I smacked myself. I just had one this week. While I have some money in the bank, my pocket money was running low. Pocket money, in my book, is the extra cash I make for small jobs that I don't put in the checking account—I get paid in cash, and use that for little things like going out to dinner, buying milk and lotto tickets, entertainment. That way I avoid draining the checking account paying for incidentals. I had a stray thought that I needed to get more pocket money.

The temp agency called last week to let me know that one of the part-time positions I've occasionally taken was starting back up again. The job is doing phone surveys. Not terrible, but not great pay.

But I've put off calling to commit because I have serious reservations about going back. It is VERY hard on the voice. Nine weeks of calling people and wrestling them into doing 200-question surveys left me hoarse. As a vocalist, I knew I was on the road to nodes and permanent vocal damage despite using my voice properly and caring for it. In addition, it's loud in the room, hard to hear, and I'd turned up the volume to the max. I've noticed the hearing loss in that ear has become a tad more pronounced in certain note ranges. Not good. After my last stint with them, I'd decided I was done with phone surveys, and had already made up my mind that I wasn't going back ever.

I was very surprised by the call. I'd been intending for a completely different type of work. Why was THIS making a re-appearance?



Because I'd asked for it.

I'd declared a need for more pocket money. And that job is the easiest way to snag some. I inadvertently put myself directly into the Need Zone for pocket money. I didn't have to stretch very far to have the resources walk up and meet me (if I wanted to take them).

So... perhaps I need to restate my need. Think bigger, so I attract bigger. Instead of needing pocket money, my need should be more expansive.

If I'm understanding this correctly, then theoretically, were I to say, "OK, I AM going to graduate school, and the money for tuition and living expenses is coming from somewhere (stipend or not)" and really put my foot down... then it would happen?

Meaning, I might not win the lottery just because I declare I need money. Where is the REASON? Just to have the money?

If I declared I was winning the lottery and had a very good reason for it then stretched into the reason while awaiting the outcome, would that put me into the Need Zone and finally attract that win?

If I declared that the vacant home I still have IS sold, and I have a very good reason for attracting a buyer out of thin air (no matter what, despite the economy/housing market), then stretch into the reason for the sale while awaiting his or her arrival, does that put me into the Need Zone?

Maybe the trick is to have a very good REASON for needing the money or resource—then declare it, then stretch into it by performing the steps toward the goal (registering to take the GRE, preparing essays and portfolios—conscious, concrete efforts), and expect the money/resource to arrive.

Or declare your intent to start a business, and have a REASON for the partner to show up. And so on.

I think this is what Joe is talking about. Who knows? Maybe he'll come by and read this and tell me if I'm on the right track. I could sure use the added insights!